Sunday, March 18, 2012

Sorry blog, I have put you on hold

Hi everyone!  This is just a post of many things, pictures to come soon!  This is probably boring to most, sorry!

We are in PCS mode, that is why I have not been writing on here, just have been busy getting ready to leave and spending time with friends!  We leave here in less than two weeks, but more than one! lol!  We are going to SC for a visit and will then head to Montana the second weekend in May!  My husband has 46 days off, I think!! Yippee!  We are going to Lexington, Charleston and on a little getaway, alone, sans child!  I am very much looking forward to that, we need it and lucky Kyler will get to spend time with his gigi, since my dad will be off fishing!

We have been spending time with friends here and just enjoying our view and the food, oh the food, how I will miss it so!  Kyler has been playing with his buddy Jaxson lately and it is so sweet yet sad to watch, I hate that he has a friend and has to say goodbye!  Kyler is finally playing really well with others, for the most part so I hate he will go back to having no buddies around. We also went to our friends the Castros last weekend and well, it made me happy and sad.  Saying bye is the hardest part of the military, it seems you are always saying that to someone, it stinks!

Soon, I hope to do a giveaway!  I have been selling Scentsy now for a year but kept it quiet on here.  In Italy we are not suppose to have home businesses so I did not advertise it, all because there are hateful people out there that have nothing better to do than turn people in, but now I can finally share with you all!  A friend that was here, Angela, did a party for another friend and I fell in love, seriously, the first time I used the product!  I signed up under her the next month.  Feel free to check my site out here  Let me know if you have any questions! 

Kyler is growing like a weed, he amazes me more and more everyday!  I can't believe he will be three in June, time needs to slow down!  I promise to share some pictures and funny things about him soon.

Well, that is all folks!  Not much else going on, just ready to start the next chapter of our lives!  I have been going through so many emotions lately that it is not even funny.  That is life though!


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