Sunday, September 16, 2012

Hello third trimester!!

 I thought I would start this, I know a bit late, but better late than never!

How far along: I hit my third trimester today... 28 Weeks! 

How big is baby: the size of a Chinese cabbage

Weight gain/loss: I have gained about 12 pounds, give or take 1-2.

Maternity Clothes: I am wearing all maternity shirts since my torso is long to begin with.  Some of my regular jeans and skirts and some maternity pants/shorts. 

Stretch marks: Nope, I didn't get them with Kyler and used nothing... I think it is genetics... I will thank my parents for good skin elasticity!

Sleep: Sleep is not the greatest.  My husband did get back two nights ago and I slept in yesterday, which was fantastic!  I am getting up a lot to pee and to get comfy.

Diet/Cravings/Aversions: I am craving sweets more this time.  Bad and good kinds, trying to stick to fruit but sometimes I want chocolate, nutella, cinnamon rolls, etc  BUT some days I can't get enough pickles and almonds

Gender: BOY!  Rowan Alexander... hilarious story... my little cousin mentioned to my aunt that I did not think of my childs name enough... why... because his name will be Rowan A. Long... rowing a long, hahaha.  Oh well, not changing it now! I can't believe he is clever and smart enough to have even thought of that! 

Movement:  Lots, this little guy likes to move.  Especially while I am reading or singing to his big brother!  Or trying to go to sleep!

The belly: OH it is there!  I think it is smaller though this time around though

Worries: That I did not pass my glucose test, haha.  Also, I get nervous, this is around the time I became high risk with Kyler, hoping this time I am good.  And I think a lot about what all can go wrong in delivery.  I did not think about it with Kyler but now that I know more about what goes on and have heard stories, I get nervous!

What I Miss: Cold subs with sprouts!  And even though I did not really drink much in the year before I got pregnant I want wine every time I look at my huge wine supply from Italy!

Symptoms: I'm still having heartburn like crazy, and I am really tired, but that hopefully will get better now that my husband is back home.

What I'm looking forward to: Seeing his sweet face.  I can't wait to see if he looks like Kyler or different... it would be crazy if he has light hair and green eyes, opposite of Kyler! 
Best moment of the week: Curtis getting to feel Rowan move!  He left before he was moving and Friday night when he got in he got to feel him kick! Oh and getting a sneak peak of the fabrics that were picked out just for us.  Rowan is getting a custom made quilt and the fabrics were chosen.  Here is what they look like!

And here is me last week... I will have to get one for this week!